Blue summer by the sea

020I have set myself a challenge to have a go at decorating beakers using the water decal paper, this was bought online.
I was going to use flowers but then decided the little girl in the summer by the sea set would be lovely.
I stamped the images and coloured them using my SU markers, then I scanned the image into computer before printing them off on the decal paper.

The images were then varnished 4-5 times and allowed to try. I then cut the image out soaked for seconds before peeling off and putting the image on the beakers. I am really pleased with the way they have turned out just hope my Auntie likes them as they are for her birthday next weekend.


3 Responses to “Blue summer by the sea”

  1. Helen Says:

    These mugs are wonderful – how do i know cos i now own one of my own !!! Thanks so very much xx

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Very nice Deb, and very clever !!! I need to try it. Where did you get the water decal paper from ?

  3. Jeannette Says:

    These are Fab! And what a great idea for gifts.

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